Sunday, January 28, 2007


This photo was take by Chris at

This is a picture of two homeless guys in Nashville, Tennessee trying to stay warm by laying on a warm exhaust vent in the sidewalk. I'm not sure if they consider this "home" or not. And perhaps its the lack of home that makes it such a powerful picture.


June said...

Yes, I passed by one of those vents before. The air is really warm. I actually saw a group of young people (maybe young homeless) that sat on top of the vent to keep them warm. I saw lots of homeless walking around with blanket when I went the library and it was close at 6pm instead of 8pm that day. It makes me feel sad yet feel so blessed that I could be in the house with 65-70 degree temperature. Weird thing is that some people arent grateful of that. It makes me feel so humble to see underprivilege people and annoyed to the ungrateful and entitled ones.

June said...

I printed out this picture and showed it to the boys. I think it left them with something bigger to think about instead of being selfish and ungrateful.