Saturday, January 06, 2007

Costa Rican Supply Runs

visited friends in Costa Rica who operate a bed and breakfast named montezuma gardens in Costa Rica. participating in their daily routine as we prepared for the coming high season in january, included the weekly supply run to the nearby town of Cobano.

the main market is called megasuper. a great place to purchase canned goods. (higher quality of fruit, vegetables, and carne are available at the small markets down the street.)

the bulk food aisle.

evidence of nestle's efforts to promote baby formula in central and south america. breastfeeding is currently "in" in the US, formula seems preferred in costa rica.

a nestle solution across the age continuum.

and onto the hardware store, traditional courtship grounds of the iguanan locals.

chihuahua awaits his owner at the furniture maker's shop.

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