Monday, January 08, 2007

International Market in Southeastern USA.

This is a neat market about a mile from where I live. It's mostly Mexican, Asian, and Middle Eastern foods. They have quite the variety. I feel like I am in another county when I go there. They will even let you pick a live fish from the tank and butcher it for you. Pretty neat.

"Mountain potatoes" on the left....a few foods typically found in Asia.

Some yummy candy often found in China, Japan, and Korea. Pocky is very yummy!

These are some prickly foods often found in central and south american. The stuff in the middle is Aloe. They also have Aloe soda!

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Anonymous said...

i love this idea, what a cool blog! i look foward to keeping up with it.
aloe soda? i'm not too sure about that...