Sunday, December 23, 2007

Air, Earth, and Water

This is an exact replica of The Mayflower. The Mayflower, according to American history, is the first boat carrying pilgrims from England to the United Sates. History tells us that it was a long hard journey on this boat, many were sick, and many died before landing in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

This is a float plane that carried me, a few canoes, and some friends to the remote wilderness of Ontario, Canada. They dropped us on the Dumoine River and we paddled our canoes 10 days through the wilderness back to civilization. It was a fun plane ride with a very French-Canadian pilot and a little motion sickness.

One of my favorite forms of transportation.


shannon said...

way to cover nearly all the elements? what would constitute for travel by fire?? rocket propulsion? happy holidays to you!!

"The Rake" said...

I agree - Thats the best transportation.