Sunday, December 23, 2007

When will a car enthusiast ride a bus?

mom and i visit my grandfather every year in nuernberg, germany. he always tells us, "take the bus to the ubahn when going down town.. it's fast, easy, cheap, and you need not worry about parking."

nevertheless we consistently drive. perhaps because in her earlier life she had to walk forever, and ride two streetcars across town to get to school. in this life in germany, however, she can drive. Though perhaps more expensive and stressful, driving provides ultimate control, the perceived independence from an outside schedule.

So what was it that inspired us to ride public transit for the first time in 25 years of visiting germany together?? jet lag, coupled with attending a birthday party in old town made riding the tram simply more convenient. We had an amazing experience. talked with a few people. one of whom was so amazed and perhaps inspired to meet a woman who was born in nuernberg, and actually moved to america.

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