Friday, February 15, 2008

a southern commute

my commute looks a bit different than shannon's. i have a 20 minute drive to work as well. i can choose to drive through subdivisions, the highway, or a busy shopping district. i choose the subdivision, its much prettier and less stressful.

i drive through al gore's neighborhood every day on my way to and from work. i pass hundred's of multi-million dollar homes.

i also pass a cow pasture. i'm still in nashville, but i'm traveling on the very outskirts of the city. nashville is considered a "big city" in the southern part of the USA, but it still has a small town feel....and cattle.

i travel about 12 miles to get to my work. i pass about 4 churches during this short commute. this is very common in the south, there is a church on almost every corner. i also avoid traffic since i am leaving the city for work while most are coming in. you can see all the suburbanites headed in the opposite direction.


bfine107 said...

Cool little photo commute, glad we could join you on it.

Anonymous said...

Interestinghtr post